About Us

A Quality in League of Its Own

Natural Materials

With a real variety of miscellaneous types of furniture offered, we’re always making sure to choose only the best of organic and natural materials for it. Starting with the wood from eco-friendly regions of the US and finishing with imported materials!

Premium-grade Quality

Crafting furniture for different kinds of customers means preserving the same kind of a quality of all pieces. We do that by making sure that the quality is more prioritized than the pace of work, so that every single furniture piece we make is made to last!

Affordable Pricing

As the furniture is one of the most basic needs an American household might have, we never capitalize on the premium quality of our pieces. We always ensure that our pricing policy is fair enough as to allow middle-class Americans to purchase it without a second thought!

Tasting room

Come taste and purchase our wines at our tasting room on campus

When you drink wine, it would be unforgivable to overlook the diversity of all the subtleties of wine. The wine is full of nuances and its consumption includes an assessment of everything that has invested in the wine nature and the winemaker. Wine - is not just a drink, it is real artwork. The world of wine is beautiful and mysterious, full of legends, nobility and the sacraments, so easily attracts sophisticated people.

An incredible amount of vintage wines is stored in a huge cellar of our company.You have a unique opportunity to purchase any wine from our collection and taste it.